Poker Etiquette

Before you draw up a chair it’s best to know what is expected of you.

Know Your Turn

In poker, the action always proceeds to the left of the dealer, so know your place and don’t be premature with your actions, or displaying your hand out of turn.

Splashing Is Frowned Upon

Splashing is when a player throws his chips directly into the pot. One: It’s difficult for others around the table to know whether the placed bet was the right amount. Two: If a player splashes, the house dealer may have to stop the game, and count the pot.

“String Betting” Avoid it!

When it’s your turn, clearly articulate your action; say call, raise or bet, and do exactly what you say. It’s illegal to raise a bet without first announcing it.

Don’t Wander Off

You may need to take a break every now and again, but these should be kept to the minimum. If you’re a smoker and smoking is not allowed at the table, you might want to consider an alternative, like chewing tobacco or suns.

Cards on the Table – Always

It’s mostly prohibited to take your cards off the table. Picking your cards up can allow other players to see your hand, creating an unfair advantage.

All Cards Face Up at the Showdown

The dealer needs to see if you have a winning hand and the players that your hand is legitimate. The exception is if no one calls your final bet, or raises, then you don’t need to show your cards.

Loose Talk Can Lose Games

Chit– Chatting about your hand, even if you have folded can give an unfair advantage to other players still in the game.

Table Stakes

Remember only the chips on the table in front of you are in play. You can’t dip into your pocket if you run out of money during a hand, and you can’t take your chips off the table until you finished playing and are leaving the table.Don’t be rude! Tipping is Always Appreciated!