How to Become a Better Poker Player

Playing poker is not just about luck but about skill as well. There are many ways to improve one’s poker game skills but as with most things this takes time, patience and a lot of practice.

The first thing needed to improve game play is simply to fully understand the rules. The rules of poker need to be almost second nature to a player so that there is no stumbling, or second-guessing once out at the table. Players need to understand the importance of the starting hand, position at the table, understanding the odds and also ensuring that any bluffs actually make sense in the game play. A lot of this can be learnt through serious study such as books, video tutorials, or even a coach.

There are also many online discussion forums where people with similar skill levels can join together to discuss and share strategies. It’s also worth checking out a few free tournaments to put the theory into practice.

For the very basics, players should follow a few simple rules when playing poker. Never play drunk, angry, or sad. These states will lead to poor judgment calls and bad playing. Playing positively helps the player’s focus and will enable players to focus on the game at hand, particularly the cards on the table and the players around it. Focusing on what’s going on will improve a player’s understanding of the game and by default enhance their game. It is also important that players can recognize their limits and stick only to games that match their skill level. Doing so will mean that players will have more chances of actually winning than if they attempt to play games with professionals.

A combination of these tips and potentially memorizing a starting hand chart, will vastly improve a player’s knowledge and help set them on a path of poker playing improvement.